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Beyond the Bukubuk Tree - Novel from Loretta Goldberg

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What is “Beyond the Bukubuk Tree” about?

Loretta Goldberg‘s latest novel is an MM romance set in World War II New Guinea where things turn difficult for Jake and Wip as the war takes hold of the island they’re living on.

New Guinea, 1941. Heroism, sacrifice and ultimately, hope, transcend the terrifying war.

Two men preparing for war, both with secrets they are determined to keep. Jake Friedman, an idealistic young Jewish doctor from Melbourne, is haunted by the death of a colleague he thinks he caused. Alex Whipple, a Catholic known as Wip, is a soul-scarred veteran of the First World War. Wip is an enigma who fights bullies on behalf of their victims yet has a chequered past in the wild side of post-war Paris that he is determined to forget.

Both are posted to Lark Force, a lone and under-resourced battalion defending the port town of Rabaul. It’s not long before Jake and Wip feel a deep pull of attraction. When the Japanese invade Rabaul, their battalion is abandoned by its government. Improvising a desperate jungle retreat, fighting rain, insects, disease, and vengeful Japanese pursuers, Jake will face the ultimate trials of his courage as Wip struggles to find the will to live.

Loretta GoldbergThis meticulously researched and richly textured novel is set in a lesser-known battle of the Pacific War. The strength of the human spirit, the bonds of love, and the resilience of diverse communities are tested against the backdrop of these battles. “Beyond the Bukubuk Tree” is a gripping saga of courage, love, and survival in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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