A History of the English Monarchy on offer – great offer!


A History of the English Monarchy, on offer until 26 Nov? Yes! Get Gareth Russell’s take on the monarchy of England all the way from Boadicea to Elizabeth I. You’ll learn so much from this entertaining and educational book!

About the author of A History of the English Monarchy

Gareth Russell is a historian and author known for his works on historical subjects, particularly focusing on European royalty. He has written books that delve into the lives of historical figures and the events that shaped their times.

One of his notable works is “A History of the English Monarchy,” where he explores the impact of the different dynasties on the country which became the England we know and love today. Additionally, he has written books about specific historical figures, such as “Young and Damned and Fair: The Life of Catherine Howard, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII.”

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