I Am Henry is out now


An innovative retelling of the story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Trapped in Limbo after his death, an obstinate Henry VIII is forced to relive key events from his life. To redeem his soul, he must accept the truth of his cruelty as a king and a husband, and face the ex-wives he betrayed.

Anne Boleyn, his second wife, is tormented by grief and the great injustice of her death and separation from her daughter, Elizabeth. She must confront Henry, the cause of her suffering, to find her way into the light.

‘Mesmeric and dreamlike in the richness of its setting, I am Henry offers a new perspective on the story of Henry VIII from the vantage point of Limbo. It is an intensely satisfying – if at times unsettling – read, providing the meetings and encounters that you always wished had happened. I am Henry both re-evaluates a notorious life from a novel perspective, as well as taking his story forwards, beyond his death. A compelling read.’ – Elizabeth Norton, Historian and Author

‘We all want to know what would happen, and I am Henry has Henry VIII’s spirit being confronted by Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon and Henry, Duke of Cornwall, his short-lived son by Catherine, among others, and they’re all keen to share their thoughts on him. The setting is atmospheric, and we have some wonderfully poignant and emotionally charged scenes as Henry has to re-evaluate his life and answer to others. Will he submit and repent and thereby gain eternal peace and salvation?’ – Claire Ridgway, Historian and Author

‘I am Henry is a highly imaginative and emotionally engaging story of repentance and redemption. It masterfully personifies the various characters and helps readers see them as fully realised people rather than mere faces in a painting, as we so often experience them. The story also offers some great insights into human nature, why we resist change, and the emotional journey that often leads to it. I see this finding a ready audience amongst the fans of the short film that inspired this novel. Not to mention those who are fascinated by Henry VIII and his wives.’ – Kevin Miller, Author

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