Blevoir's Promise out now

Belvoir’s Promise – OUT NOW


Blevoir's Promise out now

Get Belvoir’s Promise by Susanna M. Newstead now – every saga has its beginnings and this is a great one.

A huge forest. A young nobleman. Death stalks them both.
The year is 1191

A sprawling expanse of ancient woodland becomes the backdrop for a gripping tale. Amidst its towering trees, a young nobleman is bound by a sacred oath so Holy, he dare not break it…

Aumary Belvoir, merely seventeen, is unexpectedly thrust into the role of Warden of Savernake forest, spanning a hundred and fifty square miles in the north of Wiltshire. As he grapples with the weight of authority, a menacing shadow falls over the land. A series of baffling fatalities shatter the peace. Do these apparent accidents conceal a more malevolent force at play?

Embark on a journey to unveil the secrets of two enigmatic medieval enigmas. The first revolves around the demise of Arthur, Duke of Brittany, a nephew and rival to King John, his death veiled in mystery. The second, even more unsettling, centres around the chilling fatalities that strike close to home within the depths of Savernake forest.

With unwavering determination, Aumary Belvoir sets forth to expose a plot so dastardly and cunning, so patient and intricately woven, that its sinister threads may span years before being fully unravelled…

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